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Lightstrings (LED)

1. Sparkling Flowers

All our lighting flowers with lights are handmade and fit into a modern and classic interior. We have a big variety of styles and colours. Come and see!

Our Flower lighting can be illuminated with an adapter 220V-3V (electric) or with 3 x AA batteries. Please indicate with your order whether you want to have electricity or batteries. The flowers have a double function, if you want both, that's no problem! Additional charge € 5.

Power consumption only 0.72 or 1.2 watts depending on the model.

Our LED flowers

FL 001 Bouquet Star of rubber tree leaves € 35; with vase € 65, -

FL 002 Magnolia Nylon of nylon stockings € 39, -; with wood root € 59, -
Available in White, Brown, Pink, Purple, Brown, Orange and Yellow.

FL 003 Bouquet Lilly of nylon stockings € 39; with mango wooden vase € 65, -
Available in White, Pink, Purple, Green and Yellow.

FL 004 Beads of nylon stockings with glass beads € 45; with wood root € 65 / mango wooden vase € 70
Available in Brown & White and Black & White.

FL 005 Sunshine from rubber tree leaves € 39, -; with mango wooden vase € 65, -
Available in Cream, Red and Brown.

FL 006 Lilly Dahlia of nylon stockings € 45, -; with palm branches € 75 / large mango wood vase € 110, -
Available in Brown & White, Black & White, Green & White, Pink-Lilac, Purple-Lilac, Red-Orange, White, Pink, Blue.

FL 007 Bouquet Orchid of nylon stockings € 39; with wood root € 59 / mango wood vase € 65, -
Available in White, Pink, Purple and Blue. This model always has green leaves.

FL 008 Roses Nylon of nylon stockings € 39,-; with mango wooden vase € 70,-
Available in White, Pink, Orange and Red.

FL 009 Bird Banana of bamboo € 39,-; with wood root € 59,-
Available in white.


FL 010 Roses of bamboo € 39,-; with wood root € 59,-
Available in white.


FL 011 Dahlia-8 of nylon stockings € 45,- ; with wood root € 65,-
Available in White, Orange, Yellow-brown, Blue and Pink.


Above lighting flowers are available in different colours, contact us for the possibilities and orders by e-mail.

Sparkling Flowers table models

These flowers are lit with 3 x AA batteries and are perfect to be placed anywhere in the home. On the table, in the windowsill, on a beautiful bowl, in a glass vase, in the bathroom, everywhere. Lying down they have a length of approx. 25 - 35 cm. You can bend the branches, so you can make the flowers the length you want. The flowers have a height of approx. 25 cm in a basket.

Batteries (Alkaline - Duracell quality) function for about 2 months with daily use.
If you want to electrically illuminate the flowers, that is possible. We can supply a suitable adapter for an additional charge of € 5.

SFL 001 Magnolia Nylon of nylon stockings € 25, -
Available in White, Orange, Green and Brown.


SFL 002 Star Leaf rom rubber tree leaves € 25; with wooden basket € 35
Available in Brown, Cream, Red, Fuksia and Blue.


SFL 003 Lilly-Magnolia of nylon stockings € 25; with wooden basket € 35
Available in White, Orange, Brown White, Black White, Blue, Purple Lilac, Fuksia White, Fuksia Lilac, Green White.


SFL 004 Orchidee of nylon stockings € 25; with wooden basket € 35
Available in White Fuksia, White Red and Orange. These flowers have green leaves.


2. Lightstring with roses

Our lightstring with roses is the perfect way to cheer up your interoir! You can hang them, but you can also put them on a dish for decoration. Besides it’s possible to create an air of romance...the perfect present for your lover, or decoration for your wedding!

The roses are made from the rubberleaftree, so it’s a natural product. They can be obtained in 20 or 35 pieces, in the colours; Red, Dark red, Pink, Cream, Purple, Dark purple, Gold and combinations from this colours.

20 Roses € 22,50
35 Roses € 29,95

3. Lightstring with cotton balls

You will certainly bring more atmosphere into your home with our lightstring with cotton balls! The lightstring is beautifull in a vase, but it can also be hanged in different places in your house. The balls are made from cotton and are handmade in Thailand. We make the different colourcombinations ourself.

The lightstring with cotton balls can be obtained in numberless different colourcombinations, for all types of interiors!
Do you wish another colourcombination? Please don’t hestitate to ask us. There are 20 or 35 cotton balls on one lightstring.

20 Balls € 17,50
35 Balls € 24,95

Bamboelamp, different coulours, “dinosaurusegg” from cotton € 45,-

Nylon ball with bamboe leaves € 15,-

Order information

We make our handmade lamps with a lot of love and dedication. It sometimes happens that a certain lamp or color is sold out, but in most cases we have them in stock

  1. Check whether we have the desired product in stock; the easiest way is to send a message per whatsapp to 06-53717904. You can of course also call us. Mail can be sent to
  2. You will almost always receive an answer from us immediately! We will reply within 12 hours anyway.
  3. With one exception, we can usually send the products the same or the day after receipt of payment with PostNL - you will receive a tracking number.